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Picking the Perfect Piece of Fall Décor at the Pumpkin Patch

Picking the Perfect Piece of Fall Décor at the Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkins, squash, and gourds are an elegant way to up your aesthetic game this Autumn.

Fall decor has evolved over the years, with different styles ranging from traditional orange, green and yellow fall colors, to warm blush toned collections. (Check out these fun collections at Michael’s!) While other decorations come and go, the stunning simplicity and sophistication of pumpkins have elevated the home décor for families for centuries.  At Knapp's U-Pick Farm on Green Bluff, we have 40 different varieties of pumpkins and winter squash. You can create your own Fall porch or table display using REAL, locally grown pumpkins.  (And best of all?  Most of them can be used for cooking and baking during or after the season!)

Fall Home Décor for Any Color Scheme or Style

At our farm, you'll find pumpkins and winter squash in many colors. While most of us will be familiar with the orange tones of traditional pumpkins such as the Jack-O-Lantern and Autumn Gold varieties, a stroll through our pumpkin patch and shop in Green Bluff reveals many varieties of all shapes and colors!

Who Says Size Doesn't Matter?

Pumpkins and winter squash can be tall and thin, short and fat, square, large, miniature, and many more combinations. We prefer larger pumpkins for carving and detailed painting as their size makes it easier to create and execute more complex designs.

It is worth knowing, however, that some types of winter squash or pumpkin are difficult to carve. These include tall, skinny varieties, which often have stringy flesh that can make an unclean cut. Thicker-skinned pumpkins are also harder to carve, so these magnificent pieces of natural décor are perfect to adorn your dining table, spruce-up your front porch, or rest majestically over your fireplace.  Alternatively, consider painting one of these tough-as-nails gourds for a unique design inspired by your own creativity. Just knock on the pumpkin and listen to the sound. Does it sound solid? If so, that's a painter, not a carver!

Making The Seasonal Décor Magic Last

At the core of any pumpkin home décor is a looming question:  How long can I make my pumpkin last?  Preserving techniques depend on the size and variety of the vegetable, with a wide assortment of variables at play that impact the longevity of the pumpkin, squash, or gourd. Miniature pumpkins as well as Delicata and Acorn variety do not need any special treatment. They're ready to display from the day they're picked and will last for a tremendous amount of time with no intervention.

However, other varieties will need a little more attention and tender loving care to last.  Most other winter squash will need to be stored for curing in a warm, dry place for 7-14 days before they are ready to display. Suitable spots include the porch or a sunny window. By hanging out in the window or in a warm space, the skin of the pumpkin will thicken, making the squash firmer. If it is an edible squash or pumpkin, the flavor will also deepen – a win/win!
As a rule of thumb, your fall home décor pumpkins and squash last for between 2-6 months depending on storage.

Peaceful Spokane Pumpkin Picking

Our local family farm is a perfect place near Spokane to find uniquely beautiful (and edible!) pumpkins and winter squash. We strive to create a haven for those interested in growing, cooking, and decorating with natural pumpkins. If you have any questions about the varieties we have on hand, don’t hesitate to contact us! We look forward to seeing all of the beautiful porch and table displays this Fall season!

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Picking the Perfect Piece of Fall Décor at the Pumpkin Patch

Picking the Perfect Piece of Fall Décor at the Pumpkin Patch

You can create your own Fall porch or table display using REAL, locally grown pumpkins— most that can even be used for cooking and baking during or after the season!

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