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Join Us for Strawberry Season!

Enjoy sweeping 360 views at our beautiful Green Bluff Farm. We have nine delicious varieties of Strawberries to pick!

Store & U-Pick Hours

Regular Hours
Thursday-Monday - 8am-3pm

Holiday Weekend:
July 2 - 8am-12pm
July 3 - Closed
July 4 - Closed

Visit us at Green Bluff

7722 E Ballard Rd,
Colbert, WA 99005

U-Pick and Store Availability

Our Farm Calendar


In-Season: Mid June - Mid July
9 Delicious Varieties!
U-Pick: $3.49/pound
Pre-Picked: $6.00/pound


In-Season: July
U-Pick: $3.49/pound
Pre-Picked: $6.00/pound


In Season: July
U-Pick: $3.49/pound


In Season: Mid-August - Mid-September
U-Pick: $3.49/pound
Pre-Picked: $6.00/pound

Farm Fresh Eggs

Chicken eggs from happily pastured hens supplemented with a no corn/no soy/non gmo feed
Available year round beginning this July!

40+ Varieties of Edible Pumpkins and Squash

In-Season: September-October
U-Pick and Pre-Picked Options

Carving and Decorative Pumpkins in a genuine 4 acre pumpkin patch!

In Season: October
U-Pick and Pre-Picked Options

Support Spokane Farmers

We are a small family farm on the top of beautiful Green Bluff. We hope to see you very soon for some good times and yummy locally grown food.