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Preserving Pumpkins and Winter Squash for Decorating Purposes

Preserving Pumpkins and Winter Squash for Decorating Purposes

As homeowners, few things fill us with more joy than recreating the bright, diverse colors found in our natural surroundings and bringing them into our home to invigorate our decor. Pumpkins and winter squash are a good way of brightening up even the dullest of porches and garden decor, and when the time comes to say goodbye to our veggies, they're easily removed without leaving any costly or unsightly repairs. But using preserved pumpkins and squash needn't be left until the first leaves begin to fall. Preparing and preserving squash and pumpkins for decorating purposes can be done at any time of the year, allowing you to add some stylish additions to the home whatever the season.

What Color Pumpkin?
At Knapps U Pick Farms’ pumpkin patch, Spokane, you'll find pumpkins and squashes in many colors. While most of us will be familiar with the orange tones of traditional pumpkins such as the Jack-O-Lantern and Autumn Gold varieties, a stroll through our pumpkin patch in Spokane reveals ghostly white, blue, and stripy green veg. Fall decor has evolved into an 'anything goes' scenario over the years, with different styles ranging from traditional orange, green and yellow fall colors, to pretty scary blush toned collections (thanks Michaels!) all making a huge impact. We've got numerous options to elevate any Halloween style.

Who Says Size Doesn't Matter?
Pumpkins and squashes can be tall and thin, short and fat, square, large, miniature, and many more combinations. We prefer larger pumpkins for carving and detailed painting as their size makes it easier to create and execute more complex designs. 

It is worth knowing, however, that some types of winter squash or pumpkin are difficult to carve. These include tall, skinny varieties, which often have stringy flesh that can make an unclean cut. Preserving squash and pumpkins beforehand can help with this. Thicker-skinned pumpkins are also harder to carve. Just knock on the pumpkin and listen to the sound. Does it sound solid? If so, that's a painter, not a carver!

How do I Preserve Pumpkin or Winter Squash?
Not all pumpkins and squashes need preserving. This depends on the size and variety of the vegetable. Miniature pumpkins and the Delicata and Acorn variety do not need any special treatment. They're ready to display from the day they're picked.

Most other squashes will need to be stored in a warm, dry place for 7-14 days before they are ready to display. Suitable spots include the porch or a sunny window. This will thicken the skin, making the squash firmer. If it is an edible squash or pumpkin, the flavor will also deepen.

● Preserving squash and pumpkin is simple.. Large pumpkin and squash can be stored for up to 6 months
● Smaller pumpkin or winter squash last approximately 2 months when stored in a well-ventilated spot

Peaceful Spokane Pumpkin Picking
We believe our local family farm has the number one pumpkin patch in Spokane and is a perfect place to find your decorative pumpkins and squashes. We strive to create a haven for those interested in growing, cooking, and decorating with natural pumpkins.
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